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Association Banking Information

PMP's banking relationship is with Community Association Banc (CAB), a division of CIT Bank.  Please visit their website at https://propertypay.cit.com/ for more information about the relationship between your association and Community Association Banc. 

Questions and Answers for homeowners:

What are my payment options?

  • Coupon payment- Each year, coupon booklets will be mailed in mid-December with the banking information.  If you have not received your coupon booklet, or the coupon booklet was incorrect, please contact PMP at 301-694-6900 to speak with a finance representative.
  • Recurring ACH/direct debit through PMP- To enroll in direct debit through PMP please complete this form and return to PMP.
  • One time E-check- Log on to CIT Bank website, select Make a payment. Click on One-Time Payment. Please have your coupon ready.
  • One time credit card - Log into CIT Bank website, select Pay by Credit Card.  Please have your coupon ready.  All credit cards are accepted with a 3% fee. 

Electronic Bill Payer:  What should I do to inform my bank of the Cabanc information?  If you are currently making your payment using an on-line banking system via your bank, please make sure the correct banking address is listed. Payments made to the incorrect address will be returned to you and may result in a late fee.  Please find Cabanc's address below.

PO Box 62678
Phoenix AZ 85082-2678

Should you require assistance please call PMP at 301-694-6900, x1094 to speak with a Finance representative.