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Property Management People, Inc.
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Mission Statement

PMP is Property Management People.

PMP’s commitment to excellence means we endeavor to give each client the personal attention and consideration they need. It means meeting familiar challenges as well as being equal to the unusual or difficult. And it means always looking forward-combining our day-to-day experience with ongoing professional training, the latest in technology and a little creative thinking-to keep us ready for the future.


You may have seen this word a thousand times or more. Any company can claim they’re in search of it, but it’s far too easy to get lost in its pursuit. Perhaps you’re sick of it. Not of excellence, but of empty promises. Grand schemes that go bad, costly stuff that’s really junk, chameleons whose colors change once you’ve signed on the dotted line. Words are powerful; they’re our way of transferring thoughts from one person to another and thus into action. Empty words are dangerous; they drain our world of meaning. It’s not hard to promise excellence. But, it takes PEOPLE, motivated and supported by diligence, experience, integrity, intelligence, honesty and, PLAIN OLD HARD WORK to deliver excellence.

Our PEOPLE, at Property Management People, are these people.
PMP has a 40 year history of providing superior management services.
Creating Excellence